What makes you different from other Sleep Consultants?
  • The main difference for the Gentle Sleep Coach certification and other programs is the amount of work and training it takes to achieve the certification.  We strive to be the gentlest on the market with additional training on postpartum depression, secure attachment, breast feeding, and recognition from The Wonder Weeks Academy. To keep our certification, we require on going training.
  • I’m a child sleep educator, not a sleep trainer.
  • I am also a mom who understands and can relate to your situation; and I’m super passionate about supporting mamas.
  • I offer a holistic and compassionate approach to baby sleep. I don’t rely on formulas or one-size-fits-all solutions. I offer families personalized coaching with an emphasis on education, empowerment and lots of support!
  • I don’t like tears! My goal is to minimize your baby’s tears. In order to do that, I will take the time to make sure your child is emotionally ready for sleep coaching. It may take a bit more of time, but it is completely worth it.
  • I believe in respecting the beautiful bond you have with your child. Your baby trusts you and knows you respond to him/her whether it is day or night.
  • I will work with you to create a safe place for your little one to learn a healthy sleep attitude while you still provide love, reassurance and comfort.
When can I begin sleep coaching my baby?

I work with parents of children ages 5 months to 6 years old. For babies under 5 months, I will consult with parents on how to set up healthy sleep habits from the start and, if appropriate, how to gently shape their sleep.

Will I have to stop breast feeding?

Breastfeeding is best and it is never necessary to end breastfeeding in order to successfully sleep coach your child. I fully support your preferred feeding style whereas breastfeeding, formula or a combination of both. I will factor in your routine and preferences and create an individualized sleep plan that fits.

How do I schedule a sleep consultation with you?

If you are ready to take back your sleep, let’s get started! Please book your FREE initial phone call or complete the form located on the Contact page. Within 24 hours, we’ll contact you to set up a free initial phone call. During this phone call we will briefly discuss your child’s sleeping issues, we’ll answer all the questions you may have and schedule our consultation.

Who should sleep coach?

There are many reasons why parents decide to seek assistance in helping their child sleep. Here are a few common examples:

  • You know that being able to put yourself to sleep is an important life lesson and you are ready to teach it to your child.
  • You are ready to stop rocking or singing or swinging or nursing your child to sleep.
  • You are overwhelmed with all of the conflicting sleep books and advice and you don’t know where to start.
  • You wish to continue co-sleeping/room sharing but find that nobody is really sleeping all that well.
  • You tried to sleep coach your child before but it didn’t work. You are looking for a gentler solution to your family’ sleep situation.
  • You are not sure how you can ever get your baby to nap for more than 40 minutes or at all.
  • Your child will only fall asleep if you lay with him or if she plays with your hair, or, or, or…
  • Bedtime is stressful and unpredictable. You want sleep to be a positive experience for your little one.
  • You are tired of being tired!
Will my child cry during the sleep coaching process?

Some tears are inevitable during the sleep coaching process. For this reason, we will create a sleep plan that you are comfortable with with the goal of minimizing your child’s crying. This is why we encourage parents to make a gradual change that allows you to stay with your child and offer both verbal and physical reassurance during the sleep coaching process. This helps your child to learn how to sleep better in a safe and secure way.

Will I be able to hold or pick my child up during coaching?

Yes. It is all about supporting your child during the learning process. You will be able to physically reassure your little one and be present for her/him. Many parents feel relieved to know that this is an option.

How do I know if my child is ready for sleep learning?

The best way to know this is to book in a no-obligation Sleep Assessment. The first call is absolutely free. Together we will assess your child’s unique situation to ensure he/she is developmentally and emotionally ready for sleep coaching. Moms and dads need to be ready too! I will share with you what is involved and what you can expect. I can promise you that you will feel confident in your plan and supported throughout the process.

Do you work globally?

I offer In-home Consultations (Vancouver, Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley areas), phone and Skype Consultations. Distance is no obstacle to a good nights sleep!

All payments can be made securely through PayPal. You do not even need to have a PayPal account and if you are outside of Canada PayPal will even handle the currency exchange.

Your journey to happy, healthy sleep starts here. This initial call will give us the opportunity to chat a little bit about your child’s unique situation and know if a consultation with us is the right solution for your family.

We are here to listen and support you!

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