We believe you can Love your child to sleep.

Sleepy Miracles offers an alternative philosophy to parents who resist the idea of leaving their baby alone to cry-it-out.

As we work together to teach your child to sleep, you will always be able to respond to them in a loving and supportive way. Our goal is to help your little one become a healthy sleeper, educate you on how to make that happen, and support you every step of the way.

Baby sleep is not just about sleep! We take a more holistic approach to sleep coaching. We will work with you to create an individualized, step-by-step sleep plan that will factor in all the important pieces: parenting philosophy, your child’s emotional needs, age, nutrition, health and temperament, mother’s well-being and the related family dynamics.

Our gentle philosophy promotes good sleep habits and builds your parent-child bond. Our approach to sleep coaching is a gentler alternative for families who emotionally or philosophically resist letting their babies cry it out.

Can you guarantee “no crying” you might ask? No, no one really can. For example, if you as the parent have taught your child that the way to fall asleep is to be held to sleep for all naps, bedtime and wakings and you decide that you want to change this; your child will naturally protest or resist this change. After all, they don’t know why you have changed your approach. If your child is pre-verbal then they will cry.

Many parents ask “Are you a cry-it-out proponent or family bed advocate? Do I have to stop breastfeeding to sleep coach my child, do I have to choose between two camps: co-sleeping/no crying or crib/cry-it-out?”

You do not have to pick a camp; this is not about right or wrong. It is about what works for you and your baby.

Our goal is to have as little crying as possible. We encourage parents to be loving and responsive but to allow the child the room to learn this vital life skill of putting themselves to sleep. The parent responds and stays with their child and offers physical and verbal reassurance without putting the child to sleep. This supports the development of a secure attachment between parent and child.

We are here to support you with compassion and encouragement from beginning to end—for night sleep and naps!  

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. We can be reached by email at maria@sleepymiracles.com or by phone at (604) 788-3044.

Sleep well!

Maria Escola

Certified Gentle Sleep Coach

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