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 I get this question all the time–What do you do for a living? I also get the same reaction all the time–You are what? I’m an Infant Sleep Consultant and then I usually spend an average of five to ten minutes explaining what exactly that title means.

One thing I know for sure is that I love being a Gentle Sleep Coach! I love talking about babies, toddlers and sleep, but above all I love helping families to recover their so precious sleep. It all began with my second child, Matteo. He is now a happy 23-month boy who sleeps through the night no matter what.

We put him in the crib, Matteo hugs his soft stuffed animal and goes to a dreamland of his own. But that was not always the case. The first four months were not exactly what I was expecting. My first daughter was always a good sleeper, so I had no idea what I was doing wrong. I needed help, and I needed it fast.

After we helped Matteo improve his sleep habits, my life changed. I was a different person. I was able to be a cheerful and happy mom again. Now that I see things in perspective, I know I was trying my best but by that time I wasn’t able to juggle everything. Sleep deprivation was making my life miserable and my family was in a crisis. So after living that experience and after sharing it with other moms, helping other families became my passion. This is the main reason why I decided to become a baby and child sleep consultant.

My goal is to be able to help many tired moms and many dads who need some guidance in order to recover their dreamed nights of sleep. But what exactly is an “Infant Sleep Consultant”? As a Certified Infant Sleep Consultant I am trained to assist parents in guiding their children into healthy sleep habits by giving them the skills, knowledge and support to empower them in the process.

A Sleep Consultant takes time to understand the sleep goals of each family, their parenting philosophy and the culture of the family, taking all of those things into consideration while creating a personalized sleep plan that will accomplish their goals.

My aim is always to create a plan that allows the family to experience the best results in the gentlest way possible. Sometimes it involves helping the parents redefine their objectives to meet the developmental stage of their baby. Other times it involves helping them identify the current obstacles to reaching their goals.

But, for every family, one thing remains the same… teaching that sweet little bundle to sleep through the night as gently and quickly as possible! Because, when baby is sleeping well, everyone can sleep well!

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